Introduces the advanced international production technology and high quality raw materials for the ceramic products.

  • Agriculture net
  • Fishing net
  • Sports net
  • Safety net
  • Shade net
  • Family&life
  • Environmental protection cover soil dust net Green Net For Construction

  • High Quality Apple Tree Agricultural Plastic Anti Hail Netting

  • Wrapping Bale Wrap Net HDPE Stretch Bale Net Wrap Agriculture Hay Bale Net

  • Anti-Insect Net For Tomato/ Fruit And Vegetable Planting

  • Fine Mesh Agricultural Anti-insect Net For Greenhouse

  • Straw binding net to avoid burning pollution for agriculture

  • Vineyard Orchard Insect-proof Mesh Bag

  • Agricultural Greenhouse Fruit And Vegetable High-density Insect-proof Net

  • Hail Net To Protect Crops From Storm And Hail Damage

  • White Anti Bird Net To Protect Orchard

  • Environmentally friendly and anti-aging anti-hail net

  • Knotless Anti Bird Net For Fruits And Vegetables

  • Resilient Fruit Picking Net Harvesting Net

  • Windproof Net For Garden Vegetation/ Buildings

  • Small mesh orchard, vegetable cover to prevent pests

  • Agricultural Windbreak Nets To Reduce Crop Loss

  • High Tensile Strength Knotless Fishing Net

  • Multifunctional Hanging Round Drying Net For Accelerated Drying

  • Aquaculture cages are corrosion-resistant and easy to manage

  • Fish Seine net for Shallow Water catch Fish

  • Large-scale Net For Fishing With High Fishing Efficiency

  • Foldable multifunctional drying cage, sheet net fishing net

  • Traditional lifting net China fishing net

  • High quality Hand cast net for fishermen

  • Aquaculture floating cage net for sea cucumber shellfish etc

  • Three-layer fishing net with sticky net for catching fish

  • Fish, shrimp and crab cage net to prevent escape

  • Trawl Net Hiagh Quality for catching fish

  • High Quality Nylon Hockey Goal Net Sport Ball Net

  • High Quality Saferty Net Training Net Backstop Net Sports Knotless Net

  • White Ice Hockey/Hockey Training Net Knotless Sports Net

  • High-quality Table Tennis Net Supports Customized Training Net

  • Factory direct sale special windproof net for high-strength competition

  • Volleyball net for beach/swimming pool indoor and outdoor

  • Foldable table tennis net for indoor or outdoor play

  • Portable football shooting goal net

  • Outdoor Baseball Training Target Shooting Net

  • High quality badminton net for sports training

  • Hockey, ice hockey training net Easy to install

  • Golf net batting cage net is sturdy and durable

  • Outdoor Sports Netting Nylon High Quality Goal Net Sport Ball Net

  • Factory Direct Sales Customized Knotless Sports Net Safety Net

  • Fragment Net/Building Safety Net For High-rise Building Construction

  • building safety net/Debris Net Fall Protection From Heights

  • Balcony Safety Net Semi-enclosed

  • Bed Safety Net Protects Children From Falls From Heights

  • High Bed Safety Net For Drop Protection

  • Easy-to-install Balcony Safety Net For Fall Protection

  • Stair /Guardrail Safety Net For Children Protection(small mesh)

  • Stair /Guardrail Safety Net For Boundary Protection(Big mesh)

  • Strong And Durable Playground Safety Net To  Prevent Falling

  • Special green net for construction sites

  • Cat/pet balcony/border protection net

  • Pond cover net to protect water quality reduce fallen leaves

  • Strong and durable knot-free fall safety net

  • Environmental protection cover soil dust net

  • garden parking shade net factory direct hot sale sun shade net for agricultural greenhouses

  • Outdoor use carport gardenline sun fabric sail shade

  • Customized Carport Shade Sails Outdoor Playground Anti Sun Shade Net

  • Customized Aluminum Sunshade Net For Vehicles

  • Aluminum Shading Net For Crops/Plants

  • Red Shade Net Crop Protection Net

  • Good effect of shading net for vegetable crops to reduce light and ventilation

  • Dog Cage Aluminum Shade Net Sun Protection/Constant Temperature

  • Aluminum sunshade net for cars to cool down and block light

  • High-strength Round Wire Sunshade Net Is Anti-aging

  • Flat wire shade net for plant shading and cooling

  • Green Shade Net Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, etc.

  • Shade sail for entertainment venues, parking lots, courtyards, etc

  • High quality constant temperature aluminum shade net

  • Black Sunshade Net UV Protection For Greenhouse Planting

  • 3mm sandwich mesh foam fabric sandwich mesh fabric for bag

  • Sandwich Fabric for Shoes Mesh Upper Fabric

  • Breathable Air Mesh Fabric For Shoe Fabric Office Chair Car Schoolbag Fabric

  • Hot-sales 3D Sandwich mesh warp knitted soft super elastic air layer sandwich fabric for bags shoes

  • Customized Warp Knitted 3D Spacer Air Layer Sandwich Mesh Fabric

  • 3D Breathable Sandwich Air Mesh Fabric For Shoe /Office Chair Material Mesh Net

  • Factory Custom 100% Polyester Laminated 3D Sandwich Mesh Fabric For Car Seat Cushions

  • 3D Spacer Polyester Air Mesh Fabric For Sports Shoes、schoolbag shoulder belt 、Office Chair、 Car Seat

  • Polyester Sandwich Mesh for Home Textile Production Air layer mesh

  • Sport Shoes 100% Polyester Knitting 3D Spacer Air Mesh Fabric

  • Soft Breathable air mesh mattress fabric shoe lining material

  • 100% Polyester 3D Spacer Air Layer Sandwich Mesh Fabric For Sport Shoes

  • Customized Net Bag Reusable Shopping Tote Bag Cotton Mesh Bag For Fruit Vegetables

  • Sandwich Air Mesh Fabric For Office Chair Car Seat Shoes SoftMesh Fabric Schoolbag Shoulder

  • 3D Net Polyester Sandwich Air Mesh Fabric For Mattress Sofa,Flame retardant, Shoes

  • Universal Trunk Net Bag Cover Net Heavy Duty Cargo Net

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Advanced international production technology and high quality

  • Years of experience

    Years of experience

    Years of experience in the industry, proficient in the warp knitting process of various nets;

  • high quality

    high quality

    Own testing equipment and technology, strictly control the quality

  • management system

    management system

    Strict management system, ISO9001 international quality system certification

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Changzhou LongLongsheng Nets Industry Co., Ltd. formerly known as the branch company of Changzhou LongLongsheng Group Company. Our company long-term committed to proof for our client, experiment and develop new products,collect fabric product technical data and detecting the quality of the knitting machine. We accumulated a large number of first-hand data and experience on knitting fabric.

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